1966 – NUCLETUDES is founded as a defence R&D company. The company is involved in the
establishment France’s capacity to tackle nuclear weapons effects on electronics and mechanical systems
and to address the protection solutions against such effects. While developing these specific hardening expertise skills,
NUCLETUDES started designing hyper frequency amplifiers. A large set of hyper frequency products
have thus been developed for telecommunication and industrial applications.

1984 – NUCLETUDES is acquired by AEROSPATIALE, one of the founding companies of AIRBUS GROUP. The company takes then
benefit from AEROSPATIALE’s own expertise in hardening and completes significantly its capabilities with unique know-how and skills to address the effects of nuclear explosions on complex systems : radiations, electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, thermomechanical effects are tackled. In parallel, NUCLETUDES keeps on extending its domain of competencies addressing the effects of lightning, space environment, artificial and natural radiations environments (including atmospheric neutrons) on complex systems.

2010 – NUCLETUDES sells its hyper frequencies activities (solid state amplifiers,…) to the French company ERTE in order to focus on its core business which is systems hardening with respect to :

  • nuclear aggressions,
  • radiations environment typically encountered in specific areas of civil nuclear plants,
  • space environment (satellites, launchers,…),
  • natural environment (atmospheric neutrons),
  • lightning-type current injection.

Located at Les Ulis, 20 km South of Paris, with 5500 m2 of laboratories and test facilities and a 45 people headcount, NUCLETUDES core know-how lies in its ability to address the effects of radiations and electromagnetic environments on electronics and electrical or mechanical systems. NUCLETUDES studies and defines protection solutions against such effect for various applications exposed to lightning, space environment, artificial and natural radiations (including atmospheric neutrons).

NUCLETUDES is a 99% AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE subsidiary (see website : http://www.space-airbusds.com).

NUCLETUDES has been certified ISO9001 since 2003 and ISO14001 since 2010 by Bureau Veritas Certification.

NUCLETUDES customers include:

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