NUCLETUDES performs engineering and test activities addressing systems hardening with respect to radiations and electromagnetic environments.

Since its foundation, NUCLETUDES has been involved in the development process of complex systems and equipment. Therefore, NUCLETUDES’ approach has constantly been in line with systems suppliers. This is the basis on which the quality policy addressing both engineering and tests activities has been built.

NUCLETUDES’ quality policy aims at guaranteeing rigorous analyses, exact results and at the end the customers expectations. Therefore, Nucletudes’ main objective is to have its clients fully satisfied.

This quality policy also addresses the company’s business development actions : quality is indeed a key asset when meeting potential new customers or facing competitors. The business development strategy of the company is updated yearly. It is translated into individual objectives for the relevant staff.

At last, this quality policy also ensures that the company’s management functions (procurement, sales, site management, human resources, quality) are implemented in the most efficient way.

NUCLETUDES’ organization has been defined in accordance with the quality policy :

  • through technical departments fostering the key competencies and tools to provide the
    best services to the customers,
  • through the implementation of projects management ensuring the consistency of the
    different tasks performed and at the end the satisfaction of the customers,
  • through « support » functions (general administration, site and environment management, human resources,
    quality) allowing for a focus of the company on projects management and technical capabilities.

NUCLETUDES has decided to fully couple the quality and environment policies. The environment protection policy aims to maintain the efficient implementation of an environmental management system through the following actions:

  • ensuring the application of legal and regulatory requirements to the company’s products and activities, and beyond the obligations requirements,
  • identifying the environmental risks linked to the activities and mitigating the environmental impacts as much as it is reasonably achievable,
  • preventing any pollution,
  • increasing the company staff awareness of the applicable environment protection rules and organizing the training adapted to their specific activities,
  • promoting the company environment protection values by communicating on this topic with our subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Establish and update annually the environmental objectives and targets regarding the consumptions reduction of energy and consumption.

This policy has led to implement the following processes :

  • legal and technological survey regarding environment issues,
  • regular controls to verify the compliance of the internal processes with the company’s environment policy,
  • regular audits of the Environment Management System.

The assessment of this quality and environment policy is performed on a regular basis through the analysis of dedicated indicators defined by the company’s management. This way, the company performances are then constantly monitored through a continuous improvement approach.

Finally, quality and environment protection concerns are taken into account in any engineering or test activity performed by NUCLETUDES.