For more than 45 years NUCLETUDES has been contracted by the French Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the industrial prime contractors to ensure the hardening of all French nuclear strategic systems.


Throughout this unique experience, NUCLETUDES has acquired an extensive background and expertise in understanding the effects of radiations and electromagnetic effects on electronic systems and mechanical structures. Thus, NUCLETUDES masters the physics driving the vulnerability and hardening of functional systems.

This know-how is also applied to study the hardening and vulnerability of :

  • space systems and equipment (space radiations environment, single event effects or SEE) for satellites and launchers,
  • functional/electronic systems used in civil nuclear plants (equipment nuclearization),
  • infrastructures (hardening with respect to lightning and Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP that can be generated by a high altitude nuclear explosion),
  • systems that might be sensitive to the natural radiation environment
    (atmospheric neutrons) especially when it comes to reliability (e.g. transportation means),
  • systems that need to handle threats from directed energy weapons such as High Power Microwaves (HPM) or lasers.